About Us

Viljar Puusepp – Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Viljar. The founder of this company.

An entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. I thank you for stopping by to check about us.

My math teacher used to give some extra difficult tasks for his students for a weekend and for a vacation. It was in the voluntary basis. I remember the joi of solving these math puzzles during the Christmas holiday. Today I enjoy working with algorytms and data. I like the feeling of finding a solution.

The future is unknown, we take the wrong directions and meet the icebergs that lead us to poverty. What if we could understand the past, the present, and accurately predict the future? What if we could know how to create the future ourselves…

I studied macroeconomics and statistics at the university. I also studied automation systems at other university. I have been conducting business software analysis and development since 2001. I primarily use Microsoft’s Business Intelligent Power BI software to work with public datasets and present data so that you can interact with it.

Thank you again for checking about us. When you subscribe to the portal news, I will start updating you about the journey.